Welcome to ELEMENT STOCK where you can find collections of images used by CG artists and architects to create photoshopped collages and matte painting visualizations. 

Architectural visualization is our bread and butter - literally. Few years ago we’ve founded an architectural visualization studio called ELEMENT VISUALIZATIONS. We’ve created hundreds of images since that time. We’ve developed numerous techniques of image making and despite the rapid growth in the field of 3D assets and photoscanned objects we’re always in need of old fashioned 2D, cutout elements for our scenes. In most cases time is money and searching for right image to cut out can waste a lot of time. Every CG artist knows the importance of having a good 2D elements library. We are constantly expanding ours and we decided to not keep it locked on our server anymore.

Sharing is caring so you are welcome to use our high quality products and ease the process of creating your images.